When you have anxiety

To some extent it is “normal” to experience a little anxiety.

If you might lose your job and you don’t have any idea where your next paycheck could come from.
If you are in the middle of buying a house, submitting offers and waiting for a response, all while not being sure where your home is going to be.
After a divorce or a breakup when your entire life seemingly changes over night.
Human beings need some (perceived) sense of certainty in order to keep our feet on the ground. If you are feeling anxious or unsettled about some life change, there is nothing wrong with you. That’s doesn’t mean it’s easy or a comfortable feeling but having the perspective that you are not alone and what you’re experiencing is common can be helpful when coping with the situation.
So when anxiety is “not normal” or how do you know when you need to do something about it? When it is creeping into to everyday life. When your reaction does not match the situation in severity. When the littlest things send you into a panic or causes your heart to race. Anxiety should not interfere with your life or health.
If you are at the point where anxiety is affecting your life or you have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder what are your options?

I always advocate for the most conservative treatment first. This means treatment that is the most potentially beneficial with the lowest possible side effects. A combination of acupuncture and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) is a great place to start. Acupuncture provides the physiological effect and CBT provides the psychological effects that make for an amazing treatment plan with a lot of potential and no side effects.
Start there and see how it goes. You may need to add or change somethings. Try meditation, nature walks or get a therapy animal. There are possibilities for you, whatever your anxiety experience looks like. Ask for help, education and advocate for yourself and don’t forget you are not alone

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Happy 2017!

Think about that your life looked like one year ago. Where you lived, what you spent your time doing, where you worked and socialized. Who you surrounded yourself with. How much (or how little) you slept, ate vegetables or drank alcohol. I bet somethings are different right now. You might be working at a new job or in a new social circle. Change is part of life and often it happens and we don’t even realize it.


Now think about how

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Find Your Happy

A lot of people are under the false impression that happiness is some magical, mystical place that you arrive at one day and the rest of your life will be amazing. This myth is pervasive and is perpetuated by media marketing companies but it could not be further from the truth.

The truth is that happiness is a choice. And it’s a choice that you must make every day. I don’t think that it becomes easier the longer you make this

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You have it all wrong about weight loss

I love helping women become healthier (body and mind). It’s what I live for. So, it equally drives me crazy and breaks my heart when I see or hear them spinning their wheels trying to lose weight by out exercising their crap diet. This. Does. Not. Work.

I forget sometimes that I live in a health bubble and there is still so much confusion and misinformation regarding weight loss so I wanted to simplify things for you guys. Here is the

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How to thrive during winter

Chinese Medicine teaches us that to live a long and healthful life (not just a life free of diseases) we much live in accordance with the seasons. The ancient Chinese knew that we as human beings are not separate from nature but rather our bodies are a microcosm of the world around us. Because of this it is important to change our routines and lifestyles when the seasons change. This doesn’t mean you must completely overhaul everything you do when

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Eating Foods Locally and in Season

I always recommend eating fruits and vegetables when they are in season in your local area.  By doing this, you are consuming the products when they are freshest and therefor most nutrient dense.  In addition, you are supporting the local economy and by eating in season, you are in harmony with nature which is a fundamental principal of health within the Chinese Medicine system.

Let’s look at an example.  It is always possible to find strawberries in your local grocery store,

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We love that people spend time thinking about what they’re grateful for during the holidays, and we teach and encourage our patients to actively practice gratitude all year long! Practicing gratitude is a powerful way to change your attitude, outlook and create a more positive life  As it turns out, there is scientific proof that being grateful is good for your health! However it doesn’t happen by accident; you have to be conscious and intentional with your gratitude practice, here

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