No Brainer Reasons to Visit an Acupuncturist – Reason #3 – Knee Arthritis

A study published in January 2017 identifies conditions with strong evidence supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture. Arthritis of the Knee, is one of the conditions that is very successfully treated with acupuncture – it’s a no brainer.

So, if your knee is really hurting, you might have been to your doctor searching for ways to relieve the pain.  Doctors will often give injections in the knee to relieve the pain.  For some, these injections can be quite helpful, but the relief is only temporary, typically lasting for months.

For a long-term benefit to the knee, one of the most effective strategies is to begin a strengthening program.  By increasing the muscles in your leg (especially the upper leg), you may reduce the pressure of the knee, thereby reducing pain.  One exercise that is great for strengthening the upper leg is a wall sit.  This exercise does not require any equipment, and can be done anywhere there is some blank wall space.  Here is a great example of how to perform this simple exercise: Wall Sit Exercise.

If you are carrying a little extra weight, it can be really hard on the knees, so working to loose that weight is a great strategy to eliminate knee pain long term.

Other strategies to help with pain on a shorter term basis include icing, heat packs (you can even alternate ice and heat), as well as taking anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen (Advil).

If you are looking for a medication free way to resolve the pain of arthritis in the knee, it might be time to consider acupuncture.  Acupuncture treatments will stimulate circulation, and ease inflammation, resulting in decreased pain.  Once the pain is reduced, you can increase your activity level, which helps keep weight down, and the knee joint lubricated and pain free.


Ann & Emily

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