No Brainer Reasons to Visit an Acupuncturist – Reason #1 – Headache

A study published in January 2017 identifies conditions with strong evidence supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture.  Headache of any type including migraine and tension headache is one of the conditions that is very successfully treated with acupuncture – it’s a no brainer.

It makes us cry when we hear a patient’s story about dealing with frequent headaches.  The pain, missing time with family and friends, missing work, the “hangover” from taking drugs that only dull the pain, never taking the pain away forever.

Acupuncture is amazingly effective in eliminating headaches.  The technique we use will eliminate or significantly reduce the pain during the first treatment.  Then we develop a plan, with the patient to eliminate headaches long term.  Once your headaches are gone, there should be
no reason to use prescription or over the counter drugs.

Remember: it is not normal to have a headache (ever, unless you get hit on the head) let us help you, let us give you your life back, and become headache free, you deserve it.

Ann & Emily

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